Complaints and appeals handling

Postal address: 220013, Minsk, Brovki Street, 3/3

Rector’s office: phone. (+375 17) 290-98-38, fax (+375 17) 292-25-33
Office of the registrar: phone. (+375 17) 290-98-19, fax (+375 17) 292-20-87

Appeals by citizens are carried out in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Belarus of the 18th of July, 2011 № 300-3 «About appeals by citizens and legal persons» (national Register of Regulations of the Republic of Belarus, 3 2/1852 of the 19th of July, 2011).

Appeals can be made in Belarusian or Russian languages in written form, oral form and by electronic means.

Establishments of higher education