Scientific Activity

Scientific researches carried out at State Educational Establishment «Belarusian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education» are aimed at solving of state problems in accordance with priority directions of scientific and technical activity.

Belarusian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education has a high scientific and technical capacities, a modern scientific and research base, unique scientific equipment, which make it possible to carry out complex scientific researches on actual problems of medical science, to carry out high-quality scientific researches and developments, practical mastering of results and preparation of highly qualified researches.

Directions of scientific activities

Priority directions of scientific activities are the following ones:

  • development of new technologies of diagnostics, prevention, treatment of common diseases, and also medical support in creation of import-substituting medical devices.
  • study of molecular and biological grounds of development and implementation of new cultivation and transplantation technologies of stem cells.
  • study of influence of pathogenic factors on morphofunctional condition of a body, search of effective ways of correction of homeostasis disorders.
  • improvement and development of new forms and methods of disability prevention, medical and social expertise and rehabilitation of the sick and disabled;
  • development of high-tech reproductive technologies, new DNA-technologies of congenital and hereditary pathology diagnostics;
  • organization and conduction of researches on experimental approbation of methods of correction of pathophysiological changes in a body.
  • Conduction of preclinical trials of drugs, pharmaceutical substances, biologically active compounds.

Establishments of higher education