Rules of Internal Regulations for Clinical Residents of BelMAPE

  1. Current rules of internal regulations for clinical residents of State Educational Establishment «Belarusian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education» (hereafter referred as BelMAPE) are developed in accordance with the paragraph 31 of the Instruction about organization of training and training at clinical residency, distribution of clinical residents, approved by Regulations of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus of 06.01.2009 № 2, Code of the Republic of Belarus about education and other legislative acts of the Republic of Belarus, and also local normative legal acts.
  1. Aim of the rules of internal regulations for clinical residents of BelMAPE (hereafter referred as BelMAPE) is strengthening of discipline and improvement of the training quality at clinical residency of BelMAPE.
  1. The current rules are applied to persons being admitted to clinical residency of BelMAPE for the training in accordance with the programs and curriculum plans (also individual ones).
  1. Internal rules for clinical residents of BelMAPE are determined by the Charter, legislative acts of the Republic of Belarus about healthcare, current rules, rules of internal regulations in dormitory accommodations, contracts about training of clinical resident, residential lease agreements in dormitory accommodations (if available), statutes, occupational safety regulations and safety instructions, documents of quality management system and other normative legal acts of the Republic of Belarus and local normative legal acts.
  1. Rules are placed at information boards of BelMAPE and in Internet.
  1. Current rules are mandatory for clinical residents of BelMAPE.
  1. Organization and realization of the process of training at clinical residency of BelMAPE is carried out in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Belarus.
  2. Clinical residents of BelMAPE are certified in a form determined by training plans.

Under results of final assessment clinical residents of BelMAPE are issued a Certificate or an official document about training at clinical residency.

  1. Clinical residents of BelMAPE are entitled to:

9.1. undergo training at clinical residency in accordance with training programs and plans (including individual ones) of clinical residency;

9.2. life and health protection during the training at clinical residency;

9.3. accommodation in a residence hall;

9.4. chargeable services in the area of education and healthcare;

9.5. free-of-charge use of library, academic and scientific base of BelMAPE;

9.6. acquaintance with certificate of registration, constitutional documents, special permit (license) for educational and medical activities;

9.7. other rights, guaranteed by legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

  1. Clinical residents are obliged to:

10.1. carefully, responsibly fulfill the obligations provided by the plan, program of clinical residency, individual plan for clinical resident;

10.2. effectively use preparation time at clinical residency aiming at enhancement of professional competence, eager for mastering of the most progressive methods of work;

10.3. study and follow the rules of internal regulations, set by the Charter, legal acts about healthcare of the Republic of Belarus, current rules, internal rules of residence halls, contract about training of clinical resident, residential lease agreements (if available),  occupational safety regulations,      fire safety regulations and      production sanitation regulations, documents of      quality management system and other laws and regulations of the Republic of Belarus and local laws and regulations;

10.4. comply with the principles of medical ethics and deontology;

10.5. bear responsibility for results of performed work in accordance with current legislation of the Republic of Belarus;

10.6. take care of health, eager for moral, spiritual and physical development and personal growth;

10.7. take good care of property of BelMAPE;

10.8. take an active part in public work of BelMAPE, activities which are directed to reinforce Belarusian national identity;

10.9. visit all lectures under the curriculum and program of clinical residency and individual plan of clinical resident.

It is prohibited to be late for classes, leave classes before their ending or miss classes.

10.10. inform head of the department and/or academic advisor about impossibility to visit classes and on the first day of attendance after absence to present documents which confirm validity of his absence to head of the department and/or academic advisor.

Validity of absence from classes is evaluated by rector of BelMAPE (rector-in-charge) or vice-rector on scientific work while providing relevant documents. If a resident avoids from providing all documents which confirm validity of absence (delays, leave the classes before their ending), it is regarded as lack of valid reasons;

10.11. show fair practices while being attested, also refrain from:

usage of information materials while being attested without a permission of a teacher;

submission of reviews or other kinds of work for evaluation, which were not written by a clinical resident;

10.12. follow generally recognized rules of morality, (also outside BelMAPE), seek to general culture improvement, moral and physical improvement, have heat appearance;

10.13. respect honour and dignity of workers, trainees and other clinical residents of BelMAPE;

10.14. not to commit, also outside BelMAPE, unlawful acts (failures);

10.15. take good care of personal documents (ticket of clinical resident, pass to the dorm (if there is such) and etc.), in case of their loss inform head of the department about it within 2 days;

10.16. take good care of equipment, furniture and another property of BelMAPE, take measures to prevent from property damage of BelMAPE;

10.17. carefully and economically consume fuel and power resources  (electric and heating energy, water) in building belonged to BelMAPE;

10.18. reimburse property damage caused in BelMAPE. In case of damage or loss of literature materials replace it by an equal publication accepted in BelMAPE, or reimburse the cost of it;

10.19. not to take things and devices away from laboratories, instructional and other buildings without a permission of the Academy’s administration;

10.20. avoid cases of storage and consumption of tobacco, alcoholic,    low-alcohol beverages, beer, drugs, psychotropic substance, their analogies, toxic and other intoxicating substances in buildings, residence halls of BelMAPE and adjacent territory;

10.21. fulfill financial and other obligations, stipulated in Contracts about training of clinical resident and residential lease agreement;

10.22. meet agreements of constitutional documents, Statute of BelMAPE, current rules, rules of internal regulation in residential halls of BelMAPE, other local laws and regulations of BelMAPE;

10.23. comply with safety requirements, occupational safety requirements, fire protection requirements, sanitary and health requirements in classrooms, buildings, residential halls and territories of BelMAPE, established in accordance with legislation;

10.24. timely and qualitatively carry out orders, instructions made by rector, vice-reactor on academic work, dean of the faculty, head of the department, academic advisor of clinical resident, and also instructions made by heads of structural divisions of BelMAPE which concern issues of training at clinical residency;

10.25. carry out other responsibilities under the Law of the Republic of Belarus and local laws and regulations.

  1. In buildings, rooms, residential halls of BelMAPE and in the surrounding areas it is prohibited:

11.1. to bring and drink alcoholic beverages and beer, distribute, keep and consume toxic and addictive substances and their analogies, to be under alcohol, toxic or drugs influence;

11.2. to bring explosive substances, flammable and toxic substances, gunshot, gas and edged weapons;

11.3. to play cards and gamble, also with application of computer equipment;

11.4. to shout, to swear, to make noise, to play musical instruments, to use    sound-reproducing equipment with the noise violation and creation of interferences for academic process or work;

11.5. to violate occupational safety requirements, fire safety requirements, sanitation and hygiene requirements;

11.6. to write and draw on walls, on desks in lecture rooms and in other places, to paste up notices and advertisements without a permission from administration of BelMAPE;

11.7. to degrade the appearance and (or) condition of property of BelMAPE or misuse it, to do other actions which violate cleanliness and order;

11.8. to create disturbances for motor transport and people;

11.9. to use mobile devices during lectures, exams and other activities;

11.10. to stay in buildings and territory of BelMAPE later than it is set in the curriculum, and also on days-off and during public holidays;

11.11. to engage in certain activities (inactions), which lead to bringing to civil, administrative or criminal responsibility.

  1. Clinical resident is sent down from clinical residency in case:

12.1. non-attendance within the time of training at clinical residency;

12.2. unexcused tardiness during five and more days from the time of the training beginning;

12.3. systematic violation of the current rules of internal regulations;

12.4. non-attendance without reasonable excuse for more than one week;

12.5. non-compliance with individual training curriculum;

12.6. in other cases, as required by the Law of the Republic of Belarus and local normative legal acts.

  1. Clinical residents, being dismissed from clinical residency of BelMAPE, may continue their training at clinical residency by Rector’s order by agreement with the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus.
  2. Current rules come into force from the time of it signing and must be kept to by all clinical resident of BelMAPE.

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