Purchasing and Marketing Department

Nikolay Dyatel,
Head of the department

Tel.: (375 17) 292-25-30
Email: snab@belmapo.by

Staff of the department

  • Ilya Yatsinovich, engineer
  • Taisa Zhuk, head of medical warehouse
  • Elena Shilay, head of housekeeping warehouse

History of the department

Purchasing and Marketing Department was founded in September, 2005. It has been heading by N. N. Dyatel, who has higher technical education.

Main objectives of the department are the following ones: organization and improvement of the system of material and technical purchasing, maintenance of educational and scientific and research processes, study of markets of goods and services with the help of Internet0technologies. With the help of modern marketing programs the department informs all subdivisions of the Academy about partners and products of domestic manufacturers. 

For development of interesting offers the department possesses one of the best Internet-catalog of goods and services on the market, which includes several hundreds of stock keeping units. The department has all favorable conditions for the work and constant professional growth of its personnel.

Establishments of higher education