Department of Printing and Publications

Galina Filimonova, head of the department

Tel.: (375 17)290-98-33

Staff of the department

  • Irina Maksimova, technical editor
  • Zhanna Norkus, copy editor

History of the department

Department of Printing and Publications was founded in the 70‑s, when the first copying device “Era” was purchased by the Academy.

Due to the development of Belarusian State Institute of Advanced Medical Training a new cutting machine, saddle stitcher and a printing machine, - offset duplicator, were purchased.

In 1974 the department was headed by G. I. Filimonova, who had been working at the Academy until the present. Workload had been increasing, and a new position of operator of copying equipment had been introduced, - V.I.Levitskaya joined the team. She had been working at BelMAPE for about 20 years. In 1987 a new specialist was taken to work at the department — Zh. P. Norkus, who had been working at the department until the present. In 2002 I.A.Maksimova started to work there.

Main function of the department is organizational and methodical support of academic and scientific activities with the help of polygraphy. Licenses for publishing and printing work, modern equipment and highly skilled personnel make it possible to publish books of good quality. Examples of such works are monographs written by specialists of the Academy, collections of scientific works written by academic teaching staff and young scientists, series of lectures, guidance manuals, methodological recommendations, instructions and etc.

Within the period from 2006 to 2010 the department published 567 guidance manuals, recommendations, instructions about scientific researches and academic management, 55 dissertation abstracts, 17 monographs, 21         collections of research papers written by specialists of BelMAPE and materials of international and republican conferences, there has been printed 1285188 copies of blanks documentations and 1235 copies of scientific, academic documentations and correspondence with a total print of more than 550000 copies.

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