Operations and Engineering Department

Vyacheslav Tishkin,
Head of the department

Tel.: (375 17) 290-98-30
Email: enginer@belmapo.by

Staff of the department

  • Olga Krivaltsevich, chief engineer
  • Dariya Deshkovich, engineer
  • Nikolay Baykevich, power engineer
  • Andrey Barkov, engineer
  • Nikolay Avramenko, engineer
  • Oksana Suslova, metrology engineer
  • Aleksandr Kurpas, engineer


After foundation of the Belarusian Institute of Advanced Medical Training there had been created administrative and maintenance services team which consisted of several specialists. With the increase of the current tasks and growth of maternal and technical base of the Academy the structure of administrative and maintenance services team had been changing and extending.

At present administrative and maintenance services team includes the departments: Department of Purchasing and Marketing, Operations and Engineering Department, 3 dormitories and administration and facilities personnel with the total number of 135 specialists.

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