Department of Reflexotherapy

Aleksandr Pavlovich Sivakov
Head of the department, Doctor of Medical Sciences, professor

Address:  220096 Minsk, Uborevicha Street, 73  
Telephones:  (+375 17) 340-03-44, 340-03-42 

Staff of the department

Svetlana Mikhailovna Mankevich   - Associate Professor, Candidate of Medical Sciences  
Larisa Vladimirovna Podsadchik  - Associate Professor, Candidate of Medical Sciences
Taisiya Ivanovna Grekova - senior teacher
Vladislav Anatolievich Lukashevich - Associate Professor, Candidate of Medical Sciences
Igor Andreevich Rybin -Associate Professor, Candidate of Medical Sciences
Tatiana Petrovna Timokhova - laboratory assistant
Dina Viktorovna Skop - laboratory assistant 

History of the department

At first training of physicians on reflexotherapy was carried out at the Department of Physiotherapy of Belarusian State Institute of Advanced Medical Training from 1980 to1990. Teaching staff was represented by the following specialists: A.P.Sivakov, S.M.Mankevich, T.V.Fomina, N.V.Solovey. After foundation of the Department of Reflexotherapy at Belarusian State Institute of Advanced Medical Training (1990) reflexotherapy started to be implemented into practice of healthcare in Belarus. Due to a keen interest of physicians in this specialty the department had been extended.   

In 1990 V.P.Zanevsky and Y.A.Zhiznevsky, Associate Professors of the Department of Anesthesia and Resuscitation of Belarusian State Institute of Advanced Medical Training, started to work at the Department of Reflexotherapy. From 1990 to 1992 the department was headed by T.V.Fomina, Candidate of Medical Sciences. She actively participated in the development of ultrasound puncture methods to treat patients with trigeminal neuralgia and peripheral nervous disease in children.

From 1992 to 2005 the department was headed by V.P.Zanevsky, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor. He did a great work on the development of academic documentation, organization and improvement of academic activities at the department.

Since 2005 the Department of Reflexotherapy of BelMAPE has been headed by A.P.Sivakov, professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences. Staff of the department is represented by the following specialists: S.M.Mankevich, L.V.Podsadchik, I.A.Rybin; assistants: T.I. Grekova, V.A. Lukashevich; laboratory assistants:  T.P. Timokhova, D.V. Skop, Y.V. Saraev. Annually, staff of the department undergoes retraining and advanced training courses on reflexotherapy at nervous system diseases and internal organs diseases.

New advanced training courses have been implemented: physio-punctual reflexotherapy, east massage, auriculoreflexotherapy, microacupuncture systems, pharmacoreflexotherapy and homeopathy at nervous system diseases, puncture hirudotherapy, basics of phytotherapy, reflexotherapy of myofascial syndromes, manual therapy in neurology, at joint diseases, manual therapy and reflexotherapy at vertebroneurological syndromes etc. Staff of the department together with specialists from the Russian Federation (Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, Moscow) occasionally hold advanced training course on electropunctural vegetal resonance testing at BelMAPE. The department plans to hold new advanced training courses: reflexotherapy in cosmetology, modern technologies in reflexotherapy. Staff of the department has undergone training on different aspects of traditional oriental medicine in People's Republic of China. Acquaintance with the chinese experience in reflexotherapy helped to implement new treatment methods not only into healthcare establishments of the Republic, but also into the practice of sport medicine.

Main scientific and practical training areas:

  • Development of methods of physiopunctural reflexotherapy combination and composition, methods of microfunctional influence
  • Electroacupuncture, pharmacoacupuncture at the diseases of peripheral nervous system
  • Shock wave reflexotherapy at myofascial syndromes, obesity
  • Adaptive Kinesiotherapy in restoration of motor disturbances of central origin
  • Hirudoreflexotherapy at arterial hypertension and methabolic syndrome
  • Carboxy reflexotherapy at nervous diseases of internal organs
  • Cryopuncture at the diseases of musculoskeletal system
  • Manual therapy
  • East massage
  • Phytotherapy    









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