Department of Physiotherapy and Balneology

Anna Volotovskaya
Head of the department, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor

Address:  Minsk region, Lesnoy village (Minsk regional Clinical Hospital)
Telephones: (+375 17) 265-37-51

Staff of the department

Advanced training courses in 2017 (chargeable) at the Department of Physiotherapy and Balneology:

  • «Lasers in dentistry»
  • «Lasers in surgery»
  • «Lasers in surgery and photodynamic therapy»
  • «Photodynamic therapy»
  • «Laser technologies in cosmetology and plastic surgery»

History of the department

The Department of Physiotherapy and Balneology of BelMAPE was founded in 1977 on the basis of the course of physiotherapy. The founder, organizer and head of the department (until 2005) was Vladimir Sergeevich Ulaschik, Doctor of Medical Sciences, professor, academician of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus. Since 2005 the department has been headed by Anna Viktorovna Volotovskaya, Candidate of Medical Sciences, associate professor. The department carries out postgraduate training of physicians on the specialty «Physiotherapy». Besides, the department organizes training for physicians on allied disciplines - balneology, manual therapy, laser technologies in therapy, surgery, dentistry, cosmetology, instrumental physiotherapy in cosmetology. Main base of the department is Minsk Regional Clinical Hospital. Under active participation of the department there have been built the latest physiotherapeutic suite with all necessary conditions for rendering of specialized physiotherapeutic care to patients and preparing of specialists who are involved in physical medicine.  
Main direction of scientific and research work of the department is development of scientific basis and new methods of physical medicine. Specialists of the department have thoroughly proved and implemented into medical practice such methods as brittle and intratissual electrophoresis, medicamental electrophoresis, magnetostimulation, magnetolaser therapy, electrostimulation etc. With assistance from specialists of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus, firms and Scientific and Research Institutes of technical disciplines the department has worked out a number of original physiotherapeutic devices, many of which are mass-produced today in Belarus and Russia: devices for magnetotherapy - «Spok», «Seta», «АМТ-1»; devices for electrotherapy «Biotonus», «Prolog», «Radius»; devices for lasertherapy and magnetolasertherapy «Rodnik», «SNAG», «Aibolit» etc. 

Specialists of the department are authors (co-authors) of more than 30 inventions (patents). Works of the specialists have contributed greatly into development of theoretical basis of physiotherapy: a universal conception of medical physical factors effect has been brought to a focus, main principles of modern physiotherapy and complex application of physiotherapeutic methods have been developed, mechanism of action of a number of physical factors has been detected. Totally, for the period of the department’s existence there have been published more than 710 scientific works, including 35 books, more than 360 articles in journals, 19 collections of studies have been published.









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