Internal Regulations for Trainees

  1. These internal rules for persons who study the educational programs for adult supplementary education in the state educational institution "Belarusian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education" (hereinafter - BelMAPE) are developed in accordance with the Code of the Republic of Belarus on Education and other acts of legislation of the Republic of Belarus.
  1. The purpose of the Internal Regulations for trainees in BelMAPE (hereinafter referred to as the Rules) is to strengthen the educational discipline, improve the quality of the educational process in BelMAPE.
  1. To the number of trainees covered by these Rules, all persons enrolled in educational programs for additional adult education in BelMAPE (hereinafter, unless otherwise instructed) are included.
  1. The internal schedule for trainees in BelMAPE is determined by the Charter, the legislative acts of the Republic of Belarus on education, health care, these Rules, the internal regulations in dormitories, regulations, instructions on labor protection and safety engineering, quality management system documents and other regulatory legal acts of the Republic of Belarus and local normative legal acts.
  1. Rules are posted on information stands of BelMAPE in a place accessible to learners and on information resources of the Internet computer network.
  1. These Rules are compulsory for trainees of all forms of education in BelMAPE to complete.
  1. The organization and implementation of the educational process in BelMAPE is carried out in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Belarus.
  2. Trainees in BelMAPE have the right to:

    8.1. Education in accordance with educational programs;

    8.2. Protection of life and health during the educational process;

    8.3. Providing a place to stay in the hostel;

    8.4. Receiving paid services in the field of education;

    8.5. free use of the library, educational, production and scientific base of BelMAPE;

    8.6. Acquaintance with the certificate of state registration, constituent documents, special permission (license) for educational activities, certificates of state accreditation, as well as with educational and program documentation;

    8.7. Other rights established by the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

  1. Those studying at BelMAPE are obliged:

    9.1. Conscientiously and responsibly treat the development of the content of educational programs, properly comply with the requirements of regulatory legal acts in the field of education that regulate the educational process, as well as the requirements of other documents regulating the activities of trainees;

    9.2. Take care of one's health; strive for moral, spiritual and physical development and self-improvement;

    9.3. Comply with the requirements of the constituent documents of BelMAPE, internal regulations for trainees, rules of residence in hostels;

    9.4. Take care of BelMAPE property;

    9.5. Take an active part in the public activities of BelMAPE, events aimed at strengthening the Belarusian statehood;

    9.6. Attend all training sessions, according to their schedule, and carry out in due time all types of assignments provided for by the training and program documentation.

Non-fulfillment of this obligation are, in particular, committed without reasonable excuse cases:

  • - Late arrivals;
  • - leaving classes until its end;
  • - No attendance at the class.

Upon the application of the trainee, taking into account specific valid circumstances, the rector of the BelMAPE or a person who replaces him in the prescribed manner has the right to release from classes on certain days.

The exemption is made out by an order, the number and date of which are indicated in the journal of the registration of studies in front of the name of the trainee. At the same time, the trainee is obliged to master the corresponding educational program in full;

9.7. to notify the head of the department and / or the curator of the group if it is impossible to attend the training sessions and on the first day of appearance after the absence to present to the head of the department documents confirming the validity of the reasons for the absence.

The reasons for missing the lesson is assessed by the rector of BelMAPE (a person who in his order is his substitute) or the pro-rector for academic work when providing relevant documents by trainees. Failure to provide the necessary documents confirming the validity of the admission of the training session (being late, leaving before graduation) is regarded as lack of valid reasons;

9.8. To exercise good faith in the passage of all types of attestation and knowledge control, including, not allowing:

  • Use on examinations, tests, other forms of attestation and control of knowledge of educational and other information materials without the permission of the teacher;
  • submission to the control (protection, evaluation) of control, coursework and other works, the authorship of which does not belong to the trainee in whole or in part;

9.9. To be guided in behavior (including outside BelMAPE) by universally recognized norms of morality, to strive for an increase in the general culture, moral and physical perfection, to have a neat appearance;

9.10. Respect the honor and dignity of other participants in the educational process.

9.11. Do not commit, including outside BelMAPE, illegal actions (omissions);

9.12. Carefully treat personal documents (trainee's ticket, record book, etc.), in case of their loss, inform the head of the department within 2 days;

9.13. To protect equipment, furniture and other property of BelMAPE, take measures to prevent property damage to BelMAPE;

9.14. To treat carefully and economically the consumption of fuel and energy resources (electric and thermal energy, water) in BelMAPE buildings;

9.15. Compensation for property damage caused by BelMAPE. In the event of spoilage or loss of literature, replace it with a publication recognized by BelMAPE (library) as equivalent, or reimburse its value;

9.16. Do not take objects and equipment from laboratories, educational and other premises without the permission of the BelMAPE administration;

9.17. not allow cases of storage and use of tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, low-alcohol beverages, beer, narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, their analogues, toxic and other intoxicating substances in buildings, hostels of BelMAPE and in the adjacent territory;

9.18. To fulfill financial and other obligations stipulated by the agreement in the sphere of education;

9.19. Comply with the requirements of the constituent documents, the Charter of BelMAPE, these Rules, the Rules of Internal Regulations in dormitories of BelMAPE, other local normative legal acts of BelMAPE;

9.20. Comply with the requirements established by the legislation on safety, labor protection, fire safety, sanitary and hygienic requirements in classrooms, buildings, hostels and on the territory of BelMAPE;

9.21. Timely and qualitatively carry out orders and instructions of the rector, the pro-rector for academic work, the pro-rector for administrative and economic work, the dean of the faculty, the head of the department, the requirements of pedagogical workers, as well as the instructions of the heads of the structural divisions of BelMAPE on issues related to the educational process;

9.22. Conscientiously perform other duties assigned to them by the legislation of the Republic of Belarus and local regulations, as well as the relevant agreements in the education sector, concluded with them.

9.23. Other duties of trainees are established by the Education Code, other legislative acts of the Republic of Belarus, constituent documents and other local regulatory acts of BelMAPE.

  1. In buildings, premises, dormitories BelMAPE and in the adjacent territory is prohibited:

10.1. Bring and drink alcoholic, alcohol-containing beverages and beer, distribute, store and use toxic and narcotic substances, be in a state of alcoholic, narcotic or toxic intoxication;

10.2. Bring explosive, flammable and toxic substances, firearms, gas and cold steel;

10.3. Play cards and other gambling, including using computer equipment;

10.4. Shout, swear, rustle, play musical instruments, use sound-reproducing equipment in violation of silence and create disturbances for the implementation of the educational process or work;

10.5. violate the requirements for labor protection, safety and fire safety, sanitation and hygiene;

10.6. To make inscriptions and drawings on walls, auditor tables and in other places, to paste out and hang out announcements without the permission of the management of BelMAPE;

10.7. To deteriorate the appearance and (or) the state of BelMAPE's property or use it not for its intended purpose, commit other actions that violate cleanliness and order;

10.8. To interfere with the movement of people and vehicles;

10.9. use mobile communication during the training sessions, attestation and other activities;

10.10. be located in the premises and on the territory of BelMAPE later than the established time, as well as on weekends and non-working holidays;

10.11. perform other actions for which the current legislation provides for the involvement of civil, administrative or criminal liability.

  1. For committing a disciplinary offense, which is understood to be unlawful, guilty (intentional or by negligence) failure to perform or improperly performing the duties assigned to him by the acts of the legislation of the Republic of Belarus, the BelMAPE Charter, internal regulations for trainees of BelMAPE, other local normative legal acts, BelMAPE is brought to disciplinary responsibility in the terms and in the order provided by the Code of the Republic of Belarus on education.
  2. The motives for attracting a BelMAPE trainee to disciplinary responsibility are the reports of local executive and administrative bodies, law enforcement agencies, other state bodies and organizations, memorandums of pedagogical and other workers of BelMAPE, persons performing security of BelMAPE premises, and others.
  1. Disciplinary liability is established for the disciplinary offense committed by the trainee, which is expressed in the application to him of the following disciplinary measures:
  • - a remark;
  • - reprimand;
  • - deduction.
  1. Deduction as a measure of disciplinary liability can be applied for:

14.1. the absence of more than three days (for those who develop educational programs for the upgrading of qualifications) for lessons without good reason;

14.2. The absence of more than thirty days in classes for no good reasons (for those who master the content of educational programs for retraining of managers and specialists with higher education);

14.3. Systematic (repeated during the academic year (academic period)) failure to perform or improper performance of duties to trainees if previous disciplinary measures were applied to it.

  1. The right to choose the measure of disciplinary punishment belongs to the rector of BelMAPE or to a person in the established order replacing him. When choosing a measure of disciplinary punishment, the severity of a disciplinary offense, the reasons and circumstances under which it is committed, the previous behavior of the trainee are taken into account.
  2. A trainee can be brought to disciplinary responsibility not later than one month from the date of detection of a disciplinary offense, not counting the time of illness of the trainee. The date on which the disciplinary offense is committed to the trainee is the day when the head of the BelMAPE department became aware of the misconduct.

The head of the department checks the information that has become known to him and requires the trainee to explain in writing. If the trainee refuses to give an explanation, an act is drawn up which is signed by three persons from among the employees of BelMAPE and / or trainees of BelMAPE. The refusal of the trainee to give an explanation in writing does not prevent the application of a disciplinary measure to him.

  1. The decision to impose a disciplinary measure against the trainee shall be made by the rector of BelMAPE or by a person who replaces him in accordance with the established procedure on the basis of materials containing factual evidence of his disciplinary offense. The rector of BelMAPE has the right, and at the initiative of the trainee, being called to disciplinary responsibility, he must personally hear explanations of the trainee, his application, and complaints.
  2. The decision to apply a disciplinary measure to the trainee is formalized by order. The order of the rector of BelMAPE on the application of the disciplinary measure is announced to the trainee within three calendar days. The trainee who is not acquainted with the order to apply disciplinary measures is considered not to be disciplined. Refusal of the trainee from acquaintance with the order is formalized by an act that is signed by three persons from among the employees of BelMAPE.

In the time limit established for announcing the order to apply the disciplinary measure, the time of the trainee's illness is not included.

  1. The organization sending to the training and (or) the party to the contract in the sphere of education informs the trainee of the disciplinary penalty in the form of deductions.
  2. A decision on applying a disciplinary measure to a trainee may be appealed by a trainee (a person expelled from BelMAPE) to a higher authority or court within one month.
  3. These Rules come into force from the moment of signing and are binding for all trainees in BelMAPE.

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