Training and Management Department

Olga Morozova
Head of the department

Address: 220013, Minsk, Brovki Street, 3, build. 3 (BelMAPE), room 506
Telephone: (375 17) 292-25-49

Elena Likhtarovich
Vice head of the department;  tel.292-12-53, room 507/1

Training and Management Department is one of the structural subdivisions of BelMAPE, which manages educational process by its planning, organization and control.

Functions of the Department

  • Control over drawing up of academic curricula of advanced training and retraining for heads and healthcare specialists of the Republic of Belarus and its performance;
  • Group formation according to specialties of retraining and advanced training, seminars.
  • Organization of training on an extrabudgetary basis according to applications from organizations and natural persons.

Staff of the Department

  • Elena Prokopenko – leading specialist
  • Natalia Chernikova – chief inspector
  • Alla Ivanova - chief inspector
  • Natalia Trofimchuk - chief inspector
  • Ekaterina Zhardetskaya – специалист
  • Viktoriya Zholud – specialist
  • Anna Soiko - specialist

Training fees for foreign citizens


Advanced training


Duration of the training

1 week

2 weeks

1 month

4 months

Estimated fees (USD)





Учреждения высшего образования