Curriculum & Instruction Department

Elena Pisarik, head of the department   

тел.: (+375 17) 290-98-27

220013, Minsk, Brovki Street, 3 build. 3 (BelMAPE)  
Telephone:  (+375 17) 292-62-52

Staff of the department 

  • Elena Belova, methodist
  • Ekaterina Bondarovich, methodist
  • Marina Znak,methodist of the highest category
  • Elena Semashko, methodist
  • Galina Yarosh, methodist 
  • Anna Mitskevich, specialist

Curriculum and Instruction Department carries out its work under supervision of vice-rector on academic work and in compliance with Regulations of Curriculum and Instruction Department, approved by rector of BelMAPE. 


  • educational and methodical support of educational process.
  • methodical support in preparation of planned and reporting documentation of departments and faculties of BelMAPE.


  • implementation of laws and regulations into educational process, which regulate issues of additional education for adults being realized in the Republic of Belarus;
  • provision with timely introduction of additions and amendments into a special permit (license) for educational activities;
  • organizational and methodical support and preparation of documents for State accreditation of BelMAPE;
  • implementation of modern innovative educational technologies into educational process;
  • coordination of the activities of department and faculties of BelMAPE on the issues of educational and methodical support of the academic process;
  • improvement of organization and the effectiveness of educational process by sending the proposals concerning amendments and manifestation in laws and regulations of the Republic of Belarus and development of local regulatory acts on the issues of organization of educational process;
  • organization of activities and records management of Scientific and Methodology Board of BelMAPE;
  • calculation of teaching hours;
  • consulting and practical assistance to departments of BelMAPE in drawing up education plans, individual plans and preparation of reports about their performance;

Учреждения высшего образования