Department of Doctoral Candidacy, PhD training and Clinical Residency

Elena Vorobyova
head of the Department of Doctoral Candidacy, PhD training and Clinical Residency

Address:  220013, Minsk, Brovki Street, 3/3 (BelMAPE), rooms 303, 304
Tel.:  (+375 17) 237-30-52, (+375 17) 290-98-49, (+375 17) 292-47-22.

Staff of the department

  • Tatiana Latsepova - specialist, I category
  • Zhanna Malakhova - specialist, II category
  • Yulia Maliushina-Montanchez - specialist, II category
  • Yulia Kupriyanovich – leading specialist
  • Maria Anikina – chief inspector
  • Natalia Pekhtereva – leading specialist

About the department

Department of Doctoral Candidacy, PhD Training and Clinical Residency is a subdivision of BelMAPE which manages doctorate, PhD and clinical residency programmes.

Main functions of the department are the following ones:

  • assistance and supervision in preparation of thesis works by PhD students, doctoral candidates and degree seekers;
  • organization of work on execution of individual educational plans and training programmes by clinical residents from foreign countries and the Republic of Belarus.

State Educational Establishment «Belarusian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education» provides training of specialists of the highest qualification (Doctoral Candidacy, PhD training) enrolled on a full scholarship to work at healthcare establishments, Republican scientific and practical centers and higher educational establishments of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus on different medical specialties.

Doctoral Candidacy is one of the stages of postgraduate education which aims at preparation of scientific staff of the highest qualification which on completion is awarded a degree of Doctor of Science.

For admission to Doctoral Candidacy an applicant must have a degree of Candidate of Medical Sciences as well as scientific works (articles, monographs, inventions, patents and materials which prove contribution to science). These scientific works serve as the basis for Doctoral thesis which should be completed within 3 years. Training at Doctoral Candidacy is carried out on a full-time basis. Duration of training at Doctoral Candidacy is three years.

PhD training is an integral part of the national system of continuing education and main form of systematic training of highly qualified scientific personnel, which includes enhanced studying of general scientific disciplines,      general-theoretical and special courses, completion of qualifying examinations and tests, mastering of methods of scientific researches in accordance with the chosen specialty on a relevant topic, systematization and summarizing of the received results aiming at preparation and dependence of thesis work for the Degree of Candidate of medical Sciences.

Training of PhD students is conducted on scientific branches and specialties in accordance with the current list of specialties of scientific staff. PhD programme is represented by both off-job and on-job training. Duration of off-job training doesn’t exceed three years, and on-job training - four years accordingly.

For admission to PhD training course applicants must have higher education and interest to scientific researches. To be accepted for admission examinations by Admission Board applicants must have a practical experience or to be postgraduate students who are recommended by Councils (faculties) of higher educational establishments in case they have high scores for disciplines.

Admission to PhD training course is carried out annually. Regulations and time limits concerning admission to PhD training course are determined by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus. Admission to PhD training course is carried out by Admission Board created by Rector’s order.

Conditions of admission and training of foreign citizens at Doctoral Candidacy and PhD training course are regulated by inter-State agreements, contracts with foreign organizations or contracts between foreign citizens and BelMAPE.

Candidacy examinations are taken during session – 2 times a year. Applications for Candidacy examinations are submitted not later than 10 days before the established length of the session.

Clinical residency is the highest form of professional training of physicians. Training at clinical residency is carried out at the establishments of higher medical education, establishments which provide advanced training and retraining of specialists with high medical education, scientific organizations of the system of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus through budgetary funds and on a chargeable basis regulated by legislative power of the Republic of Belarus.

The list of medical specialties for the training at clinical residency is annually approved by the Order of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus.

Annually, Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus determines the number of specialists for admission to clinical residency the training of which will be financed by the budget and not later than on the 15th of May each year informs about deadlines and requirements for admission to clinical residency through mass media.

Specialists are admitted to clinical residency through competitive examinations, who must have a work experience at least two years in the chosen specialty (excluding internship). Training in clinical residency is carried out in intramural, full-time, (duration of the training is 24 months) and extramural, part-time, (duration of the training is 36 months) forms. Twice a year clinical residents of extramural form of training undergo professional training courses at BelMAPE with a duration of less than 1,5 month (total duration is not less than 3 months). Clinical residents who successfully complete a qualifying examination are awarded a Certificate of the training at clinical residency.

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