Department of Sport and Exercise Medicine

Konstantin Samushiya
Candidate of Medical Sciences, head of the department 

Address: 4th Pediatric Outpatient Clinic (Kamennaya Gorka), Nalibokskaya Street, 15, 7 floor, room 712
Telephone: (+375 17) 209-85-65


Staff of the department

  • Olga Petrova – senior teacher
  • Galina Popova - senior teacher
  • Igor Kotov - senior teacher
  • Vasily Semashko – Associate Professor, Candidate of Medical Sciences
  • Andrey Platonov - senior teacher
  • Yulia Pitkevich - senior teacher
  • Lidiya Burakova – laboratory assistant  


    History of the department

    The Department of Sport Medicine and Exercise Therapy of Belarusian State Institute of Advanced Medical Training was founded in April, 1999. From the time of its foundation until November, 2006 it was headed by an experienced specialist in exercise therapy, well-known in Belarus, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor Svetlana Leonidovna Pristrom, who is considered to be a founder of the department which was firstly based at the 5th City Clinical Hospital and Republican Center of Sport Medicine.

    The aim of postgraduate training of specialists at the department is learning of theoretical backgrounds, mastering of practical skills on a wide range of issues of sport medicine and exercise therapy, study of physical activities influence on sportsmen, and also rehabilitation of patients with different pathologies.

    Since 2007 the department was headed by Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor Gennady Mikhailovich Zagorodny.

    Taking into consideration present-day achievements and demands to the issues of exercise therapy and sport medicine there had been prepared training programs on retraining and advanced training of specialists. The department has worked out guidance papers of lectures, practical classes, seminars. Test and qualification questions are used for knowledge assessment. Anonymous questionnaire survey is carried out after the course.

    Advanced training courses are offered to practically all healthcare specialists: sport medicine doctors, exercise therapists, therapists, rehabilitologists, cardiologists, neurologists, traumatologists etc. Methodists of physical rehabilitation and exercise physiologists improve their skills according specially prepared programs. Some listeners work at establishments of the Ministry of Sport and Tourism and Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus.

    Today clinical bases are the following ones: 5th Minsk City Clinical Hospital, Republican Center of Sport Medicine, Republican Scientific and Practical Center of Neurology and Neurosurgery, Scientific and Research Institute of Physical Culture and Sport. Practical classes with the listeners are hold at the Republican Rehabilitation Pediatric Center, Republican Orthopedic Convalescent Hospital, Republican Clinical Hospital of Medical Rehabilitation and Expertise, Republican Scientific and Practical Center of Traumatology and Orthopedics.

    From the time of its foundation until the present there have been working 11 teachers, including 1 Doctor of Medical Sciences, 4 Candidate of Medical Sciences. Specialists of the department regularly undergo advanced training courses in Belarus and abroad, take part in republican and international seminars and conferences, cooperate with centers in SIC-countries.

    Scientific and research work of the department is carried out at clinical bases of the department. Specialists of the department are scientific advisors of 5 postgraduate students.

    There have been published 131 scientific works at the department.

    Specialists of the department render consulting assistance to national teams of the Republic of Belarus while they are preparing for important competitions, Summer and Winter Olympic Games. Medical and pedagogical observations were made at national teams of different specializations. During the whole period covered specialists of the department carried out permanent consulting assistance to national teams of the Republic of Belarus in hockey, football, synchronous swimming, basketball, modern rhythmic gymnastics etc. The department carries out treatment-and-consultation work at the 5th City Clinical Hospital, Republican Center of Sport Medicine, Scientific and Research Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery.

    Specialists of the department actively carry out work promotion of healthy lifestyles: there have been published dozens of articles in newspapers, more than 28 speeches on radio and TV, there have been published methodological recommendations, and there are regular lectures and discussions at the department.

    Main fields of scientific activities are the following ones: study and health assessment of sportsmen, prevention of traumas and diseases in sport and fitness, actual issues of rehabilitation by physical methods.

    Main topical advanced training courses cover actual issues of sport medicine and physical rehabilitation after traumas and diseases.

    Advanced training courses are opened for the following specialists: sport medicine physicians, exercise physicians, rehabilitologists, physical exercise instructors and methodists-rehabilitologists with high pedagogical education, and also physicians of other specialties, whose work is connected with physical rehabilitation.

    Sports Medicine

    • Procedure of the test PWC 170
    • Maintaining of vertical posture: anatomic and physiological aspects, registration methods, clinical and diagnostic value of disorders.
    • Possible mistakes while carrying out an analysis of heart rate variability
    • Medical and pedagogical observations
    • Qualification requirements to sports medicine physician
    • Application of original Kinesio Taping at traumas and diseases (instruction for use)
    • Vegetative index for evaluation of heart rate variability of sportsmen
    • Evaluation of types of reaction of sportsmen’s cardiovascular system
    • Modern aspects of disability sport development.
    • Methodological support of work-out session: physiological reasoning of new technologies.
    • Indicator values of static stabilometrics.
    • 4 - graded cycloergometric test (modified by G.М. Zagorodny, 1998).
    • Characteristics of muscular fiber types
    • General aerocryotherapy: application in a high performance sport
    • Guideline in kinetotherapy
    • Types of stretching
    • Complex of special exercises for rehabilitation of knee joint.
    • Characteristics and assessment of functional systems in people who do physical exercises and go in for sport

    Rehabilitation exercises

    • Medical supervision
    • Rehabilitation exercises at flatroot
    • Rehabilitation by physical methods rehabilitation exercises, hydrokinesitherapy, mechanotherapy, ergotherapy)
    • Basics of rehabilitation exercises and sports healthcare in sport and fitness
    • Rehabilitation exercises
    • Methods of physical rehabilitation of motor disturbances.
    • Therapeutic exercises at vertebral osteochondrosis
    • Approximate exercises for patients with lumbosacral osteochondrosis
    • Hydrokinesitherapy
    • Introduction into the theory of conductive education method, which is used at physical rehabilitation of children with functional disturbances of the central nervous system 
    • Rehabilitation exercises at arthrosis
    • Quantitative assessment of general movement function (GMFM). Grade table (quantitative assessment according to GMFM-88 И GMFM-66)
    • User’s manual on evaluation of large motor functions (according to the scale GMFM-66 И GMFM-88)
    • Complex of therapeutic exercises at neurocirculatory asthenia with hypotonic syndrome
    • Exercise therapy for strengthening of cardiovascular system
    • Exercise therapy at vertebral osteochondrosis
    • Complex of exercises for posture formation
    • Examples of exercises for gymnastics at osteoporosis domiciliary
    • Damages of upper and lower limbs
    • Pelvis damages
    • Application of functional tests for assessment of organism adaptation to physical exercises
    • Rehabilitation by physical methods at scoliosis
    • Forms and methods of application of physical exercises
    • Notion of rehabilitation. Method of therapy exercises (kinesitherapy)
    • Clinical and physiological grounds of therapy exercises
    • Exercise therapy at diseases of the respiratory system
    • Means of therapy exercises
    • O.G.Avila. Development of functions, connected with movement, their assessment in clinical practice
    • Therapy exercises at diseases of the digestive system
    • Therapy exercises at varicosity



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