Department of Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics

Vladimir Kamyshnikov
Head of the department, Doctor of Medical Sciences, professor

Address: Minsk region, Lesnoy village, 31 (building of Central Scientific and Research Laboratory)
Telephone: (+375 17): 265-34-22, 265-34-13, 265-35-91


Staff of the department

  • Larisa Igorevna Alekhnovich - Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor, assistant manager on academic work
  • Svetlana Georgievna Vasiliu-Svetlitskaya - Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor
  • Tamara Sergeevna Dalnova - Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor
  • Andery Timofeevich Kuzmenko - Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor
  • Liudmila Viktorovna Baturevich - Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor
  • Natalia Nikolaevna Kokhnovich – senior teacher

History of the department

The Department of Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics was founded at Belarusian State Institute of Advanced Medical Training on the 20th of April, 1970, when V.G.Kolb, Doctor of Medical Sciences, professor, was chosen as a head of the department and headed it until 1999. In July, 1970 V.S.Kamyshnikov was chosen as an assistant of the department who in 1999 became head of the department.

From 1970 to 1971 the department had its base at Biochemical Division of Scientific and Research Institute of Tuberculosis of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus. On the 20th of April, 1971 the department got a new base at laboratory and diagnostic division of Minsk Railway Hospital, where for 16 years (until the beginning of March, 1987) there was its further establishing. On the 5th of March, 1987 the department was moved to a new building of Central Scientific and Research Laboratory in Lesnoy village, specially built for completing of scientific researches and situated in the center of the complex consisted of seven treatment and prevention and medical scientific establishments of different profiles: two Republican Scientific and Practical Centers, two regional hospitals, Republican Clinical Hospital for Disabled Great Patriotic War Veterans named after P.M.Masherov, Minsk Regional Hospital and Antituberculosis Dispensary of Minsk Region.

Main forms of classes are lectures, seminars, practical classes. During their practical classes the trainees get acquainted with the technology of clinical and laboratory researches, master unified and special methods of laboratory analysis, get information concerning interpretation of results received after researches.

Main fields of scientific work

  • Carrying out of fundamental researches oriented to mastering of laboratory diagnostic diseases and correction of metabolic diseases;
  • Development of new and import-substituting technologies of clinical laboratory research.
  • Mastering of laboratory diagnostics technology in determination of intoxication conditions, induced by drugs taking and psychoactive substances taking.
  • Preparation of scientific staff in the area of clinical laboratory diagnostics.

Physicians can undergo PhD courses (extramural and intramural form of training) and study for a degree on the specialty “Laboratory Diagnostics”.

For the last 5 years the department has prepared 12 specialists of higher scientific qualification (Candidates of Sciences) on the specialty “Laboratory Diagnostics”.

For the last three years there have been defended three Candidate’s theses on the specialty “Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics” of three former PhD students of the department: O.M.Vergun - in the field of «biological sciences», I.D.Shileiko Шилейко И.Д. – in the field «medical sciences», L.N.Borovikova – in the field «biological sciences» (among them the last two – in 2014).

The department carries out expertise of all thesis works on the specialty “Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics”.

The department carries out training (extramural and intramural) at clinical residency for native and foreign physicians (from Syria, Lebanon, Iran and Tunisia).

Teaching staff of the department has published more than 80 study guides in the area of laboratory diagnostics which are helpful for specialists who undergo advanced training courses.

International scientific and practical journal «Laboratory diagnostics. Eastern Europe» is being published.

The journal is registered in the Republic of Belarus, Russia, the Ukraine, on sale it is in Germany, Baltic countries and Moldova (head editor is professor V.S.Kamyshnikov.

«International peer-reviewed scientific and practical journal «Laboratory diagnostics. Eastern Europe» is one of scientific journals where thesis work results of Belarus, the Ukraine and partially Russia are being published, it contains articles of authors from neighbouring countries and beyond, it has an applied and practical character, promotes progress of advanced experience of the system of healthcare of the Republic of Belarus outside the country and was recommended to heads of the republican treatment establishments, heads of Departments of Healthcare, Minsk Public Health Committees, rectors of higher educational establishments for subscribing for the year 2014.

Establishments of higher education