Correspondence department

Larisa Lastovskaya,
Head of the department

Tel.: (375 17) 290-98-19

Staff of the department

  • Tatiana Murashko, senior inspector
  • Oksana Kosinskaya, senior inspector
  • Tatiana Kalinina, inspector
  • Zinaida Platonova, archivist
  • Diana Sharapa, archivist

Correspondence Department is an autonomous subdivision of the Academy which obeys Rector’s orders.

Its activities are regulates by existing laws and regulations, methodological recommendations of the National archive agency of the Republic of Belarus, orders and regulations of the ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus Республики Беларусь, regulations on the issues of document support.

The main objective of the Correspondence Department is improvement of forms and methods of work concerning document support in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Belarus.  

In this respect the Correspondence Department deals with the following tasks: organization, management, coordination, control and realization of work connected with document support at the Academy; improvement of forms and methods of work with documents; provision with a common procedure of documenting, organization of work with documents, control of document execution and preparation of documents for their submission to a particular archive in accordance with the instruction on documentation management at the Academy; reduction of documents circulation, number of document forms; development and implementation of statutory and methodical documents concerning improvement of document support at the Academy.

The Correspondence Department was founded in 1945. The first head of the department was V. G. Rogachevskaya (1945  — 1951). In the following years it was headed by the following specialists: М. I. Stepanova, I. О. Zhgunovskaya, М. G. Kulesh, С. G. Schemeleva, N. А. Yurkova, L. P. Vybornaya (Nasennik), V. А. Vasilenko, А. А. Kavtsevich. From 1966 to 1973 the department was headed by Е. D. Rozenfeld, from 1973 to 1999  — Т. I. Satsuta.

From 1999 until the present the Correspondence department has been heading by L. V. Lastovskaya. Under her supervision in 2007 on the basis of modern information technologies, realized in accordance with the legislation, requirements for standards and regulatory documents of the Republic of Belarus Республики Беларусь about organization of document management, including execution control and work with citizen petitions, there had been implemented an automatized system Orchid, which helps to perform computer processing of documents (producing, copying and scanning). Staff of the department is represented by senior inspectors  — Т. V. Murashko, О. V. Kosinskaya and inspector — Т. М. Kalinina.

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