Accounting Department

Larisa Smirnova
Chief accountant

Tel.:  (375 17) 292-66-94

Staff of the department

  • Zhanna Lutik, Deputy chief accountant
  • Natalia Shvab, Deputy chief accountant

Bank operations management

  • Liudmila Moyseenko, leading accountant
  • Inna Chebotarenok, accountant
  • Tatiana Shilay, leading accountant
  • Anna Malankova, leading accountant

Salary management

  • Elena Bogdan, accountant
  • Valentina Goman, leading accountant
  • Yuliya Sivitskaya, accountant
  • Viktoriya Gusakova, accountant

Asset and materials management

  • Yuliya Bolenkova, accountant
  • Olga Govorun, accountant

Dormitory rent management

  • Natalia Zyl, accountant


  • Olga Grotskaya, accountant

Tuition fees management

  • Zhanna Lavetko, accountant


  • Lioliya Shilko, cashier

History of the department

There is not any information concerning an Accounting Department of prewar times.  After the Great Patriotic War the Accounting Department of BelMAPE was headed by the following people: S.Branets (1945–1947), S.D.Rabtsevich (1947), Б. Y.Kantorovich (1947), Sh. D.Sukhodrev (1947–1948), S. I.Ivanenko (1948–1951), А. I. Shkadiuk (1951–1955), А. А.Klyga (1955–1957), М. D.Pisarev (1957–1971), G. S.Kuprik (1971–1977), N. L.Erofeeva (1977–1989), Zh. М. Bobrova (1990–1999), L. I.Bozhenkova (1999–2009), L. М.Smirnova — since 2009 until the present.

In 2011there were 15 specialists working at the Accounting Department. In 2010 a new modern accounting program 1 С «Accounting» was implemented.

In modern conditions the accounting profession is quite a demanding one. It includes not only knowledge of software, laws and regulations, methodological and standard materials concerning organization of accounting and bookkeeping, but also methods of economic analysis of financial and operational activities, documents management, basics of economics, organization of labour and management. Accounting demands responsibility and constant attention.

Main objectives of accounting services at BelMAPE are the following ones: systematic control over budget expenditure report, status of calculations with enterprises and organizations, safety of funds and material assets, right organization of accounting, control over targeted and efficiency expenditure of the funds in accordance with loans and their purposes, payroll in time, bookkeeping etc.

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